BeaconMedaes and PPS Build ‘Healthy’ Working Relationship

Based in Rock Hill S.C., BeaconMedaes is the world’s leading supplier of medical gas equipment, including medical air plants, medical vacuum plants, waste anesthesia gas
disposal plants, manifolds and pipeline components that adhere to National Fire Protection Association 99 standards and HTM 2002 / ISO standards. Since 2003 PPS, Inc. has been responsible for printing the overlays for BeaconMedaes alarm systems ultimately used in hospitals.

Strategic Sourcing Coordinator, Jack Lesner, and Quality Engineer, John Crombez, shared their experiences about their “healthy” relationship with PPS:


Does PPS’s printing quality meet your standards?

Lesner: “PPS printing quality meets every aspect of our print specifications and customer needs.”

Crombez: “Only a limited quality inspection process is required when we receive the product in Rock Hill, since it has already been released and validated by that time. The product is then routed to production.”


Has PPS been responsive to your needs?

Lesner: “Overall, they have been very responsive. One time we had an issue with the overlay not laying perfectly on the aluminum. It was quickly resolved. They have also been responsive in providing choices. BM logo revised with #20506D_2When a change in material was needed, PPS was able to return samples to us in one week.”
Crombez: “When we needed a more ‘robust,’ more durable product, they were able to provide recommendations for a design change using different materials. In another instance, there was damage when the product arrived by truck in cardboard boxes. PPS was able to improve the packaging material to better protect the product from scratches during shipping.”

How is inventory handled?

Lesner: “PPS works with us to order two to three months’ inventory of fabrication parts and keep it at their location. They then ship against that inventory to our plant in Rock Hill. This works well for us because it provides the economics of scale.”

Does PPS meet your deadlines?

Crombez: “I would only need to get involved if there was a problem with a deadline. I haven’t had to. When I checked the historical data, I found that their on-time delivery rate was 96 percent.”

How is PPS to work with?

Lesner: “They have been willing to adapt and work with us on all levels.”
Crombez: “The sales group has been very accommodating, and their responses are always appropriate to the situation. They’re good at standing behind their product, and ensuring that we get what we need. They’ll take the ball and run with it.”