Faceplates and Overlays


The transportation industry thrives on effective visual communication, and wide format printing plays a pivotal role in achieving this. At PPS, we leverage the advanced capabilities of our printers to offer specialized products like labels, decals, and banners, tailored to the unique needs of this dynamic sector.


Understanding Wide Format Printing

Our wide format capabilities allow us to provide you with decals up to 8 feet wide in incredible detail and vibrant colors.  These decals can be used for the side of cars, vans, or trailers and can be made of various materials.  Make your message stand out on all highways and byways with custom messages designed and manufactured by PPS!


The Swiss Q Advantage

Our Swiss Q is at the forefront of our wide format printing services. Renowned for its accuracy, speed, and flexibility, this printer adeptly handles a variety of applications for the transportation industry.


Precision and High-Quality Output

With our Swiss Q Impala, we guarantee exceptional print quality. Its ability to produce prints with intricate details and vibrant colors ensures every project, from complex signage to detailed labels and banners, is visually impressive and of the highest quality.


Efficiency and Rapid Production

Time is a critical factor in the transportation industry. Our Swiss Q Impala printer is designed for quick turnarounds, allowing us to meet the demanding schedules of our clients without compromising quality.


Material Versatility

This printer can handle a diverse range of materials, making it ideal for producing everything from robust labels to sophisticated metal products, catering to the varied printing needs of the transportation sector.



Wide format printing is revolutionizing the transportation industry by offering versatile and durable visual communication solutions. PPS is leading this revolution providing bespoke labels, decals, and banners, designed to cater to the specific needs of our clients in the transportation industry.