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With over 100 years of combined expertise in printed electronic design and manufacturing, PPS partners with you to design a quality product that can be relied upon and trusted to perform. Our products can be found in Aerospace, Marine, Irrigation, Construction Equipment and Medical markets among others. Membrane switches continue to be a viable, cost effective solution in the design of human interfaces. Parts can be designed to work in extreme environments and lend themselves to flexibility if change is required. Our return rate is less than 2% and we are confident in our ability to meet your quality expectations.

How You Design & Manufacture Better

Automated Processes

PPS Expertise

Functionality Tested


Automated Processes

Whenever possible we work to consolidate or automate processes. We know we can improve quality by limiting the number of touches through manufacturing. We also know this practice leads to reduced cost and improved competitiveness. Examples of this would include placement of metal domes and LED’s on flex circuits.

PPS Expertise

PPS employs experts in the field of printed electronic design and manufacturing. You will work closely with these individuals to assess your needs and to ultimately assist in the manufacture of your product. Give us a try and see why…

100% Functionality Tested

A large percentage of our products are functioning in the fields of medicine and aviation. We know it is an absolute your switch must function correctly every time and over time. We have multiple inspection steps throughout each phase of manufacturing and we continue to perform a 100% functionality test. This means we test every key, and every component, on every part before the part gets packaged for shipment. Let us take you from Dock to Stock…

Indoors or Out

Understanding the environment in which your product will be used is a big step in achieving design success, quality and high performance. From dust to sun, to heat and humidity, chances are we have a part working there right NOW!

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