Urethane Doming

PPS is ready to help you create long lasting labels that are resistant to weather, salt spray, abrasion, impact, solvents, and chemicals using urethane doming.


Environmental Test Results

Accelerated aging, RS-4 Sunlighter with Water Spray: After 500 hours exposure in an ultra violet (UV) light and water spray apparatus, estimating 3-5 years of outdoor weather, specimens show no significant deterioration, increase in hardness, shrinkage or noticeable color or gloss change.

Oven Aging

Specimens show no surface deterioration, shrinkage or increase in hardness after seven days in a hot air circulating oven at 170º F


Specimens show no color or gloss change or objectionable shrinkage after seven days in a humidity cabinet with a condensing atmosphere at 100º F 100% R.H.

Salt Spray

Specimens show no charge or promotion of corrosion to the surface which they are mounted after 22 hours exposure to salt spray test.

Abrasion and Impact Resistance

Samples resist abrasion and impact down to -20º F. Forced indentations recover completely due to the resilient nature of the Polyurethane polymer.


Samples clean easily without marring using a detergent solution, aliphatic hydrocarbon or denatured alcohol.

Solvent Resistance

Samples show no discoloration after being immersed in unleaded gasoline ten times for ten seconds with a drying time of twenty seconds between immersions.

Chemical Resistance

Samples show no significant color change or swelling after five-minute exposure to the following chemical solutions: 5% KOH; 5% NaCI; 5% KCI2; 20% H2SO4; 20% HCI.

Weathering Results

Method: Accelerated natural weathering. EMMAQUA natural light concentrating systems with water spray. Actual irradiation was measured and parts were returned at 278 MJ/M squared of UV (equivalent to 1 year south Florida) intervals. Exposure was conducted at DSET Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona.

NOTE: No significant yellowing occurred in any sample. MJ/M squared stands for megajoules per square meter radiation energy.

Application Warranty

Finished parts will be free of defects. When applied to customer provided materials a 5% to 10% reduction in quantity is to be expected. Samples should be tested to determine suitability for your specific application as this is your responsibility.
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