Transportation and Equipment

As you engineer and manufacture equipment and vehicles for the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries, you’re building a strong brand that is known for durability, quality, and safety. PPS will reinforce your brand by delivering high performing graphic solutions including automotive, marine and aircraft labels, aircraft placards and waterproof decals for boats.

Labels, Decals and Placards That Meet your Specifications

When you work with PPS, you have a vendor partner that understands the unique challenges of the transportation industries. We know that your graphics, labels and decals must stand up to extreme environments ranging from 200o F in hot deserts to -40o F in arctic conditions to everything in between. That’s why we will work with you directly to meet all of your project needs.

We offer a range of highly durable graphic solutions. PPS’s marine labels, including waterproof decals for boats, perform even in full saltwater immersion. Our aircraft labels are designed to withstand wind, rain, ice, and hot sun. But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to durability, our goal is to ensure your labels, decals, and placards are compliant with the strict regulations of the transportation industry. For example, with aircraft parts there are certain items that must be completed before inspection, including aircraft placards.

Whether they are applied to the interior or exterior of your transportation equipment and vehicles, PPS’s graphic solutions are designed to:

    • Meet federal regulations for UL® and CSA® safety requirements
    • Withstand abrasion and exposure to chemicals
    • Be durable and traceable, even in extreme weather conditions
    • Provide lasting protection against water and weather

Contact Us for more information about our prototyping and broad range of labels and decals, available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you have about PPS products and services.