Faceplates and Overlays

Companies in all types of industries- industrial manufacturing, transportation, medical, technology, and more- all need custom panel overlays, faceplates, and control panel overlays for brand recognition, product identification, and equipment labeling.


PPS is expert in creating products to meet precise specifications that also offer long-lasting durability. We have two decades of experience and are recognized around the country in engineering and manufacturing high-performing faceplates, overlay, and control panels.

Printed with a wide range of color and material options, our faceplates and computer overlays are ideal solutions for various products and types of equipment:

  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • HVAC equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical equipment

Not sure about where to start? PPS has an expert team that will walk you through your project step by step. They will be transparent and give you a clear understanding of where your project is at.

We have an exceptional library of dies that allow for a wide variety of shape and size options. We can also create custom dies that meet your specifications, shapes, cutouts, and hole requirements. Standard cutting tolerances of +/- .010″ are used, however tighter tolerances are available for an additional cost.

Available Materials

PPS manufactures overlays and faceplates using a variety of high quality materials:

  • Lexan® (polycarbonate): .005”-.030” thickness with additional layers of spacers when required
  • Mylar®: .002”-.004” thickness
  • Polyester: .005”-.010” thickness
  • PVC (scuff-resistant vinyl): .006”-.030” thickness


You can choose from a range of finish options for your project:

  • Glossy: Hard coated for window and touch durability, as well as scratch resistance
  • Matte: Smooth, non-reflective finish, hard-coated for scratch-resistant windows and keys
  • Textured: Abrasion-resistant or abrasion-proof, non-reflective, diffuses digital displays
  • Brushed: Anodized aluminum look
  • Texturite®: Selectively applied around non-distorting display windows, enhances or highlights graphic appearance

Additional Services

We offer a variety of embossing services to print rigid plastic products, including rim embossing and pillow embossing, Braille and LED domes.

Laser Cutting
Optically registered laser cutting enables prototyping and fine precision for close proximity cutouts, such as spacer guides. Our skilled laser cutters can cut custom shapes and sizes that would be impossible to achieve using a steel rule die. Typical tolerances of laser cutters are of +/-.005″.

Deadfront Graphics
We can include deadfront icons and symbols with a range of color windows. SinglePoint LEDs can be included in designs or on the backlit graphics. In fact, we can design your products and solutions to be backlit and not visible until lit. Colors can be created by using either translucent inks with a white light source or color LEDs.

Backlit Graphics
These products are visible when not lit but become functional indicators when lit, and the addition of urethane doming provides a button-like feel. Specific daytime and nighttime colors can be customized to your projects need.

Contact Us for more information about our prototyping and broad range of labels and decals, available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you have about PPS products and services.