As you provide medical equipment and devices to your customers, they trust your brand’s expertise in safety and function. PPS is ready to help you with high performing graphic solutions for your medical device labels, tags, and barcodes.

Labels, Tags & Barcodes Specific to the Medical Industry

Medical equipment labels need to follow industry compliance regulations. PPS understands that at the core of this effort is the need for durability, safety and simple yet precise functionality.

In terms of durability, you need medical equipment tags that withstand abrasion and challenging environmental conditions. For example, ICU room temperatures vary from cold to warm, gurneys take abuse during patient transport, and monitoring equipment is regularly moved between multiple locations within the facility. PPS designs durable graphic solutions, including membrane switches, for your equipment’s specific functionality throughout its extensive use.

When it comes to safety and functionality, PPS offers clearly visible and correct instructions that are essential components of critical medical equipment such as defibrillators and echocardiograms.

As a developer of these critical tools, you know the importance of compliance – especially when it comes to installation, inspection and maintenance.PPS is a UL® and CSA® label supplier with over 40 years of graphic solutions experience.

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