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At PPS Inc. we design and manufacture reliable, custom solutions that are tailored to meet your specifications. We are a manufacturer working for you. Switches are like snowflakes. There may be some similarities but generally there are no two that are alike. Each project we tackle comes with its own set of challenges. At PPS we have a dedicated staff with decades of experience. We work together, with you, to ensure you receive a quality product you can have confidence in using.

Your order isn’t a line item on our production schedule – we thoroughly think through the design and manufacturability of your product before it hits our production line. This increases our accuracy and reduces costs without sacrificing your production and/or shipping schedule.

We have proven capabilities that have stood up to the test of time. Our goal is to supply exceptional quality, delivered on time, every time. We will occasionally stumble. When we do we use the same principles that got us here. We work with integrity to face the problem, to resolve the issue and to get back on track. We have an on-time delivery rate that exceeds 96% with a reject rate that has historically remained between 1.5 and 2%. In other words – We practice what we preach!

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Based in the Heart of America, PPS, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets custom-printed electronics for a multitude of Industries. With our strong, lean-manufacturing culture and world class operational tools, we can meet and exceed your expectations. Our customers range far and wide and we have many relationships that have exceeded 20 years. You won’t understand until you’ve given us a chance.

We would like to announce that PPS is under new ownership, Renaud Megard, President/CEO of NFI Corp located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Due to this expansion, we have extended our products and capabilities to best fit all your printing needs.

Layer One

First and second surface printed substrates with gloss and/or matte finishes, display windows and keypads.

Layer Two

Pressure sensitive adhesives and spacers to attach graphic layer to top of switch layer.

Layer Three

Printed or laminated polyesters on top layer of switch. Conductive silver, carbon, dielectric printed keypad contacts and traces on second surface of top switch layer.

Layer Four

Selective pressure sensitive spacers to attach top layer to bottom of switch layer.

Layer Five

Conductive silver, carbon, dielectric printed keypad contacts and traces on first surface of bottom switch layer

Layer Six

Selective pressure sensitive adhesive and spacers to attach overlay/switch construction to bezels, housings, metal etc.

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