Printed Industrial Graphics

Industrial Graphics


Industrial Graphics are typically printed sub surface (second surface, wrong reading) to protect your image and content from the environment. Your product design reflects your company’s vision and conveys who you are. You want the color to be right from lot to lot and you want your image to be protected. We have experts and processes in place to ensure that your product meets your most stringent and important color specifications and branding needs. We have a dedicated art staff and we can accept many different file types. We use color matching equipment to ensure color remains consistent from piece to piece throughout the printing process. Upon request, we can submit color swatches for approval, on the material you specify, before production parts are printed.

Industrial Overlays

Overlay printing and manufacturing is what gave us our beginning. What started as a need for printing on Mylar has grown into a business that prints on many different plastic substrates to include polycarbonates, polyesters, and various blends. There are many material options available in a wide range of finishes and thicknesses. Your PPS representative can help navigate the choices until you find the right combination to meet YOUR specifications, YOUR needs in YOUR environment…

The bulk of our products are conventionally screen printed, assembled and die cut for shipment to our customers. We have also invested in digital printing and cutting equipment to serve as a complimentary process when volumes, art reproduction, or other factors dictate a need for something else. We will help you choose what is right for YOU.



Embossing usually refers to several techniques for creating a raised pattern on a material. In the case of plastics, we typically design and build male and female embossing dies to accomplish the task. Emboss heights can go as high as 2.5 times the material thickness. Parts can be embossed to add aesthetic value or they can be embossed to meet a specific engineering requirement when used on a keypad interface between man and machine. When used on an industrial keypad the height of the emboss will have a large impact on feel or tactile response for the end user. When used in combination with metal snap domes the options for tactile response are almost unlimited.


Texture can be extruded into many plastics to include fine and velvet textures. Adding texture can also be achieved by using a first surface printing application. As with embossing, texture can be used to add aesthetic value by combining matte and gloss components. Texture can also serve to reduce fingerprinting on products that will be touched by human hands or to reduce glare in a cockpit, at the car wash or at the gas pump.


Forming is a complimentary process to embossing. Instead of using male and female dies, tooling is manufactured using a CNC process. Parts are formed using a hot liquid and a bladder to raise the specified area. Forming allows you to achieve more height when compared to embossing. Your PPS representative can help you find the best fit for your project.

Dead Fronts/Transparent Color

Dead front and transparent colors can be added to many applications in which back lighting is part of the requirement. We see many of these applications in Aerospace and Avionics and we have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. There are many different colors available and varying percentages of dead front that can be achieved. PPS has developed a Designer Guide to assist you in making the right choice on your next project. Please just reach out and ask. We are happy to share and trust you will find it to be a valuable resource.

Industrial Labels

Labels have become an essential part of what it takes to release a product to market. Work with our experienced staff to develop the perfect component for your product.

Safety/Warning Labels

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to notify the consumer of possible risk of accident or injury. Examples include Warning, Caution, Danger… Let PPS be your supplier of choice.

UL Labels

When required, PPS utilizes UL Recognized materials in the manufacture of your products. Material data sheets/certs available upon request.


Instruction Labels

Instruction labels can be used to communicate a variety of things. Examples include assembly instructions/operating procedures/equipment maintenance recommendations/or emergency exit instructions where you work. Produce quality instructions and let them show with quality printing.


PPS uses 3M products. We also use Flexcon, Mactac and Kiwo and others as alternatives or equivalents. Please let us know what you’re sticking to and we will let you know what will stay stuck to… Parts are quoted to print. Substitutions are not provided unless specifically requested by the customer.


Options and choice. What every designer wants. Here at PPS we understand that and want to help you reach your markets and differentiate yourself from the competition. We carry a wide variety of materials from a trusted supplier base.


PPS carries materials in thicknesses ranging from .001 to .062. Gloss, matte, or textured materials available, most in stock.

One Way Window Graphics

Custom window graphics to showcase your brand or individual style.

Vehicle Magnets and Decals

Outfit your entire fleet with custom graphics provided by PPS.

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