Military and Government

When you work with PPS, you have a vendor partner that understands the unique challenges of developing products and equipment for military and government use. As you strive to ensure durability and meet safety and compliance requirements, we can help by delivering high-performing graphic solutions including military labels, data plates, barcodes as well as DOD labels, and various other types of government labels.

PPS offers a variety of label and identification options including waterproof, durable military labels that enable compliance with the United Stated Department of Defense’s UID (Unique Identification Marking) regulation. Designed to perform on every kind of armed forces hardware from helicopter gunships to armored fighting vehicles to military ambulances, PPS’s waterproof graphic solutions provide lasting durability in even the most extreme environments.

We are an industry leader when it comes to ensuring that custom DOD labels, data plates, barcodes and other graphic solutions comply with government regulations requiring standard colors and coatings as well as specific markings for shipments, storage units, and much more.

PPS meets multiple military specs for custom labels and maintains an updated registry with the Defense Logistics Agency. This means you’ll have military barcodes, labels, and data plates that contain the correct text size, fonts, format, and syntax for your government and military equipment and parts. Just as critical, your custom PPS graphic solutions will have the right adhesion for applications that require pressure sensitive or reposition-able labels.

For details on the range of military specifications that PPS has vast experience in meeting, see our MIL SPECs page.

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