Faceplates and Overlays

In the realm of the medical industry, the significance of membrane switches cannot be overstated. These switches play a critical role in furnishing dependable control panels for medical devices. PPS specializes in the creation of top-tier membrane switches meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive requirements of medical device manufacturers. Our membrane switches boast customization options, exceptional durability, and resistance to moisture and chemicals, rendering them an ideal choice within the medical and many other fields.


Membrane switches are essentially thin, flat electrical switches triggered by either pressure or touch. They are composed of multiple layers, including graphic overlays, adhesive layers, and circuit layers. The graphic overlay serves as the interface for users, shielded by subsurface printing, while the adhesive layer secures the switch, and the circuit layer activates it in response to pressure.


One of the standout features of membrane switches is their adaptability. They can be tailor-made to suit any shape or size, offering an array of colors, graphics, and backlighting possibilities. This flexibility empowers PPS to craft control panels that precisely align with the unique requirements of our clients, incorporating additional components such as LEDs and LCDs.

PPS proudly stands as a leading manufacturer of membrane switches tailored for any industry. Our switches are meticulously engineered to withstand demanding conditions and comply with industry standards. We collaborate closely with manufacturers, leveraging cutting-edge digital printing and laser cutting technology to deliver top-tier switches. Furthermore, we offer supplementary services encompassing assembly, packaging, and logistics to provide a comprehensive solution.


Membrane switches represent a vital component in the medical industry, delivering customizable and durable control panels for medical devices. PPS, with its expertise and dedication, offers high-caliber membrane switch solutions tailored to the distinct needs of medical device manufacturers. Get in touch with us today to explore our comprehensive range of membrane switch solutions for the medical sector.