Faceplates and Overlays

In today’s fast-paced military and aerospace industries, the key to success lies in the details – especially when it comes to user interfaces. Precision, clarity, and quick access to controls can make all the difference. That’s where high-quality graphic overlays come in, providing a reliable and efficient way for users to interact with their equipment.


These overlays are built tough, using materials like polyester or polycarbonate that can take a beating from the elements and remain clear and functional. They are specially treated to hold up under the harshest conditions, including extreme heat or cold and contact with chemicals.


What sets these overlays apart is their illuminated buttons. In the demanding environments where they’re used, being able to see controls clearly is critical. These buttons light up using the latest technologies, like LEDs or fiber optics, to give users the visibility they need for quick, accurate action.


In the cockpit of an aircraft, these graphic overlays organize and present the myriad of controls and information pilots rely on to fly safely. They streamline complex tasks, making it easier to manage navigation, communications, and system monitoring – essential for keeping flights running smoothly.


On the ground, the military uses these overlays in a variety of settings, from weapon systems to communication devices and command center operations. The easy-to-see illuminated buttons help service members react swiftly, an absolute must when every second counts.


Customization with PPS is another highlight. These overlays aren’t one-size-fits-all; they can be adapted to fit the unique needs of different operations, incorporating specific graphics, colors, and even company branding. Our team ensures that each overlay is not only functional but also part of the system’s identity.


These graphic overlays, with their bright, clear buttons, are invaluable tools for the military and aerospace sectors. They are an example of practical design meeting the need for performance and safety head-on. As technology advances, so will these overlays, continuing to play a critical role in both industries. Contact our team at PPS today to learn more about how we can help create the perfect graphic overlay for your upcoming project.