Watermark and Augmented Reality

At PPS, our goal is to always provide you with the latest technological innovations. Our global manufacturing customers are realizing multiple benefits from Invisible Watermark, Visible Watermark, and Augmented Reality (AR) labels.

Invisible Watermark is the science of making content on a product invisible so that it can only be detected by those checking for the authenticity of the product. The invisible watermark is embedded in the label by two transparent Electro Inks that are only visible under UV light glowing yellow, blue, red and green respectively or black light lamp/LED.

Visible Watermark is like a QR Code or a visible symbol that your customer can scan with their cell phone. Since real estate on many products is limited, having a visible watermark such as a QR code brings them to a page with additional information about your products.

Augmented Reality is great way to bring your customers to a truly interactive experience with computer generated images on a user’s view of the real world. Augmented Reality increases the engagement of your product and is a great way to add multiple sensory modalities including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory.

Here are 4 ways you can use Invisible Watermark, Visible Watermark and Augmented Reality to drive efficiency and profits:

1. Anti-Counterfeit

Similar to a QR code, you can choose for your invisible watermark to bring your customer to an interactive experience such as a video, text, audio, or website while ensuring copyright protection.

2. Education and Engagement

You can have the label bring your customer to an interactive experience such as a training video of how your product works, taking a survey, or to a game. The options are endless!

3. Supply Chain

Supply chain management hinges on finding ways to increase speed, accuracy, and cost-savings at every step in a complex process – from customer order to customer delivery. AR labels reduce waste and inefficiencies thanks to a unique “fingerprint” for each individual product. This offers production visibility, gives you greater control to track and trace, and virtually eliminates product loss. By integrating Augmented Reality labels into your supply chain, you can drive large-scale efficiencies. Bottom line: An efficient supply chain is critical to provide outstanding customer service, stay ahead of the competition, and meet aggressive P&L goals.

4. Sustainability

Luckily for our modern society, many cost-saving business ideas also benefit our environment. For example, instead of printing a bulky manual, a car manufacturer could have the manual’s information directly accessible to the driver simply by “tagging” the car’s logo in the center of the steering wheel.

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