• Membrane Switch
    A membrane switch is an electrical switch for turning a circuit on and off. It differs from a mechanical switch, which is usually made of copper and plastic parts: a membrane switch is a circuit printed on PET or ITO.
  • Digital Overlays
    Digital Electronic Overlays allow for quick and easy identification of the product and its various functions. In the case of electronic control panels, the overlay doubles as a protective layer for the machinery. Made from high-quality materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl and PVC, electronic control panel overlays are resistant to moisture, sunlight, scuffing, corrosion and extreme temperatures.
  • Electronic Assemblies
    Control panels and control displays from PPS Inc. are manufactured to the highest standards using reliable, best in class materials. Our engineering and graphics departments can also help you with color and graphics as well as electronics.

Quality Since 1964

Based in the Heart of America, PPS, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets custom-printed electronics for a multitude of Industries. With our strong, lean-manufacturing culture and world class operational tools, we can meet and exceed your expectations.

  1. Membrane Switches

    Difficult projects that can be made reality with screen and digital printed membrane switches are virtually limitless. Varieties of textures and flexibility are the strong suit of membrane switches and can be easily tailored to the specifics of your project.

    PPS membrane switches use only the highest quality parts and materials. In many cases / projects our standards of material exceed the bid request.

  2. Digital Electronic Overlays

    Once you envision an idea, we can make it happen by developing overlay pieces of the highest quality. Start by choosing from a wide range of overlay materials that will compliment your original designs and custom shapes.

    Control panel overlays identify form and function of the component interface.  In many cases the overlay forms a protective barrier for the equipment and sometimes the operator.


  3. Die Cut Components

    Each die is configured for maximum precision to meet the tight tolerances required for your specific applications and industry. Just specify the shape, pattern and size you need.

  4. Antimicrobial Coatings

    PPS Inc. currently holds an ISO 9001:2008 Certification and ITAR Registration, which are part of its overall commitment to continuous improvement.  Since 1964, as a custom printer and industrial manufacturer, PPS Inc., located in the heart of America, has developed a new line of products “AM1 and AM3” that guards against degradation from microorganisms.  AM1 emulates velvet texture and AM3 emulates a fine texture that can be found in fine or velvet polycarbonates or polyesters.

  5. Digital Processes

    Digital Processes are a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional CAD data. Construction of the part or assembly is usually done using additive layers.